Fiona Yaron-Field

Artist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Fiona Yaron-Field has been working as an artist using photography for over 25 years. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, participated in symposiums and publications.  She is one of the founders and co-editors of 'Uncertain States' a lens- based contemporary photography platform who publish a quarterly broadsheet. Text has always played a very important part in her photographic practise and in 2008 she published 'Up Close,a Mother's View', a book which describes,through image and text, her relationship with her daughter Ophir who has Down's Syndrome. This love of image and text continues in her second book 'A long Story Short', which contemplates an absence of and a longing for, someone or thing that is missing.


Fiona's work focuses on the intimate and the ordinary. At the heart of the work is an exploration of relationship, both the relationship to ourselves and to the ‘other’. And a belief that through deeply personal material we can transcend our own story to comment and reflect on wider social and cultural issues. Fiona's psychotherapy background has informed and shaped much of her photographic practice.